North Jersey NARI, Inc.

Be a part of something larger than your company:

Network with other remodeling contractors, suppliers and service companies in the construction industry to maintain a professional designation for the remodeler.

Effect Legislation in the construction and small business arenas — NARI employs a lobbyist in Washington, D.C, who meets regularly with Congressional representatives, staff at the Small Business Administration, the Environmental protection Agency, and Housing and Urban Development. In New Jersey, we have a member who monitors Trenton and our chapter attorney as well as chapter executive have relationships to keep members apprised of new rules.

Learn about new codes, rules and regulations concerning remodeling, business and the trade. Representatives of the building inspectors’ association and state governmental bodies speak to members annually.

Become Certified. NARI is in the process of having its professional certifications tested for content, meaningfulness to the industry and consumer, and validity. NARI will be the only professional association in the industry with ANSI certified certifications. NJNARI holds certification study groups and administers the exams. Through national webinars, members may participate in study groups to prepare for the certification exams. 

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